Answers to Some Common Questions

How long is each treatment session?

Treatment sessions are generally 45 minutes, although this may vary at times.

What kinds of activities usually take place during treatment sessions?

Treatment sessions are focused on the individual needs of each client.  Activities include therapeutic massage techniques, vibration, tactile experiences, auditory retraining, deep pressure input, therapeutic exercise, reflex integration exercises, and a variety of movement-based activities including jumping on trampolines and movement on a variety of swings. All activities are planned keeping in mind the comfort level of individual clients and geared toward specific functional goals.

Will there be time during treatment sessions to discuss issues that I am having in my personal life as a result of my sensory issues?

Absolutely!  The purpose of treatment is to impact your personal life in positive and functional ways.  Treatment sessions will be a balance of specific treatment techniques and consultation about specific issues in your life.  The balance between these will vary from session to session, and will be determined by your specific wishes and needs at any given time.

What if I have questions for my therapist between sessions?

Your therapist will be available for phone conversations of up to 15 minutes free of charge, and email questions are always welcome.

How can I benefit from these services if I live out of the area and cannot attend in-person treatment sessions?

While in-person evaluations and treatment sessions are the best way to optimize our services, you can still benefit from a telephone or video conferencing consultation.  In this scenario, while hands-on testing cannot be completed, your therapist can complete an evaluation of your particular situation based on your personal history, sensory experiences, and areas of functional difficulty.  Educational materials relevant to your particular situation will be provided and the therapist will be available to answer questions relevant to your life and for treatment options.

What kind of treatment is available to me if I live out of the area and participate in a distance consultation, as opposed to a full in-person evaluation?

Follow up consultations are the best option for out-of-area clients who would like to receive treatment.  Home program exercises will be provided, along with any materials that you should require to effectively and independently complete them.

What makes SensoryWellness unique?

SensoryWellness is an occupational therapy practice designed specifically with the adult and teenage population in mind.  While most sensory gyms are designed for the pediatric population, at our facility you will find yourself in a private professional setting that affords you the ability to comfortably participate in all activities.

Can I expect changes to be long-lasting, or will it last only while I continue therapy?

Current research has demonstrated that changes to the neurological system (neuroplasticity) occur throughout the lifespan.  The improvements that you make in your ability to process sensory information are long-lasting.  The continuation of therapeutic exercises or specific forms of sensory input is recommended after the completion of therapy.  While the amount and type of exercises is specific to the individual person, this can often be accomplished through interventions that are not “time consuming,” such as short “sensory breaks” throughout the day or regular workouts at a local fitness center or gym.

I have been seeing a mental health professional for counseling. How does occupational therapy fit into the work that I have been doing with my counselor?

Occupational therapy often goes hand-in-hand with the work that is being accomplished in mental health counseling. The success that individuals achieve as a result of our services is recognized and appreciated by mental health professionals. Our experience shows that improved sensory processing and integration of reflexes, leads to more effective counseling with change occurring at a quicker pace. If it is your preference, we will consult with your mental health professional regarding your individual situation, and we are available to educate your counselor regarding the work that we are doing in occupational therapy.